Welcome to Environmental Systems
ImageWe provide chlorination, disinfection and dechlorination of water mains for contractors, purveyors and public works departments within municipalities. We are fast, safe and very good at what we do. Our aim is to make it convenient and cost-efficient for the client.

We offer chlorination and disinfection of water mains, whether new or old, i.e. elevated storage tank and clear wells, regardless of size. We also do dechlorination, analysis of new water lines and backflow inspection. All of our work is based on the AWWA standards.
Where We Go

ImageImageOur more than 25 years in the business give us the experience to perform quickly and safely. We are proud to say we have never had an accident, such as cross-connection or back-siphonage.

We monitor water distribution systems for seven municipalities on a monthly basis.

What We Do

ImageWe have a state-certified laboratory for membrane filter testing of bacteria samples for potable water systems. We are certified with redi-cult in North Carolina and will travel to meet your needs.

We also run various other testing: fecals, oils and greases, metals, total phosphorus, ammonias and have access to run others.

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